The pleasure of the senses, the best Tantric Massage in Barcelona

In the center of Barcelona, immerse yourself in the Zen atmosphere of any of our rooms, decorated following the luxury and oriental tradition, and enjoy an unforgettable sensory experience.

At ShambalaZen we are specialists in Thai massage and tantric massage in Barcelona. We put at your disposal all the oriental wisdom in our massage menu, designed exclusively to please you.

If you visit Barcelona, do not hesitate to make an appointment with us, the best tantric massage center in Barcelona, and immerse yourself in a world of new sensations to discover the pleasure of the senses.

Book now, and you can enjoy the sensuality of the best tantra massages at the hands of our expert masseurs.

tantric massage in barcelona
tantric massage in barcelona

A great experience!

With ShambalaZen arrive the authentic tantric massage in Barcelona. Try them.

For couples

Unique Space in Barcelona

Our rooms are unique and exclusive. They are designed to merge body and mind.

Exclusive Massages

We develop new techniques and  erotic massages in Barcelona to enhance and develop your senses. We are specialize in Asian massage, work with the best masseurs of Barcelona. Come and check it out.

Ideal Location

In the heart of Barcelona’s downtown. Our center is very well connected and surrounded by various public car parks. Come and visit our center of massages in Barcelona. 


erotic masseuse in tantric divan
erotic masseuse with foam in Thai pool

In Divan Tantra

At ShambalaZen we are pioneers in the use of the tantric divan in Spain. Designed specifically for Tantra, it has a soft curvature that will allow you to discover new sensory experiences with our expert masseuses.

In Thai Pool

Discover the pleasure of the senses with erotic massages in our exclusive Thai pool. You will enjoy our unique foam massages, brought exclusively to ShambalaZen from Turkish hammams.

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