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Discover Erotic Massages

Next, we explain what erotic massages are and their positive consequences for the health of the organism and the mind. But you have to be aware that these techniques did not appear overnight, but evolved over time to become what we know today, so we also want to tell you a little about their history.

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THE THAI MASSAGE – What is it?

In Shambalazen we are experts in the Thai massage Barcelona. We explain below the secrets of this ancient oriental art.

Discover Thai massage

The Thai massage, originally called nuad bo ram or nuad boram, is a true art in Thailand, and is practiced both in medical centers and in temples, as well as in the family.

The goal of Thai massage is to harmonize, achieve optimal flow and stimulate all the energy of the patient’s body. Different techniques are used in the form of pressures and stretching in order to release body tensions and improve internal energies. As a result, offers the recipient a deep sense of peace both at the level of body and mind.
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TANTRIC MASSAGE – complete information


Have you ever wondered what a tantric massage is? Today we want to clarify that like the word “tantra”, there are many misunderstandings and misuses of the term “tantric massage” or “tantra massage“. Many relate it in the wrong way with a massage with “happy ending” or, in other words, with a mere sexual release. In fact, it is very common to see using “tantric massage” to refer to these practices, so it is not surprising that confusion has spread.
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lingam massage

Lingam Massage


lingam massage shambala zen

The god Shiva, usually venerated in the form of a lingam (phallus).

Lingam massage is a practice that is part of Tantra or Tantrism. For the tantra, the ecstasy of pleasure, achieved with the right practices, can liberate man and lead him to spiritual fullness. According to Tantric philosophy, pleasure can reveal the divine consciousness (allowing man to recognize the divine consciousness in all things), it is the same representation of the divine state.
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nuru massage

Nuru Massage

Today we are going to know the Nuru Massage. Discover all about this exceptional erotic massage technique.

What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is a type of erotic massage that is practiced with the naked body of both the masseur and the client. The technique used differs a lot from that of the typical classic massage, since it consists in the sliding of the body of the masseuse on the client’s body.

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mobile world congress tantra massage

Mobile World Congress 2018, relax with our erotic massages

One of the most important events of the year is approaching in the city of Barcelona, the Mobile World Congress 2018, and at Shambala Zen Spa we are already prepared to offer the attendees exciting experiences with the best tantra massage, which will make your stay in Barcelona Be unforgettable.
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