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TANTRIC MASSAGE – complete information


Have you ever wondered what a tantric massage is? Today we want to clarify that like the word “tantra”, there are many misunderstandings and misuses of the term “tantric massage” or “tantra massage“. Many relate it in the wrong way with a massage with “happy ending” or, in other words, with a mere sexual release. In fact, it is very common to see using “tantric massage” to refer to these practices, so it is not surprising that confusion has spread.

However, the role of massage in the way of tantra is much deeper. In contrast, the massage given for sexual pleasure could be called “erotic massage”, leaving the term “tantric massage” to encompass an experience of a much broader dimension. It is not necessary to associate this massage with the search of orgasm, but its purpose is broader, since it seeks to know the own body, its erogenous zones, to reach through it the physical and spiritual fullness. So, what is a tantric massage?


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Tantric massage is a type of massage that uses sexual energy to reach a higher state of consciousness. Tantra specialized masseuses use body contact and other techniques to enhance our sensory capacity, in a massage that seeks to awaken the inner energy through sensory perception in the body itself.



Let’s see 4 important details about tantric massage that will help you enjoy yourself to a greater extent.


No two tantric massages are the same. The procedure usually begins throughout the body in search of deactivating those mental processes that prevent the mind from relaxing to open ourselves to a world where sensations take power over thoughts. Reached a state of sensory perception more intense and pleasant, the tantra massage happens to focus on key points and stimulation of the chakras.


Giving and receiving tantric massage is an intimate experience. Therefore, the recipient should alert the massage therapist to change massage methods when discomfort is perceived in the body.


tantric massage in barcelona











Like other forms of massage, tantric can be very relaxing, and can also relieve physical pain and emotional fear. But its benefits are not here, as Nik Douglas, producer, writer and director of the 1969 film, states: “Tantra: Indigenous Rites of Ecstasy.” According to Douglas, by stimulating the inherent sensual spirituality through tantric massage, people can awaken parts of themselves that have remained repressed or asleep. Thus, there are many improvements at a spiritual and mental level that are obtained from this millenary technique.


Tantric massage benefits from the use of breathing techniques throughout the massage. These allow the receiver to channel their energies actively from one part of the body to another, an experience that leads to knowledge of one’s body and self-control during arousal.

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